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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children are in your program?

We plan to gradually grow to twelve children. At that time, we will have a ratio of 1 adult to 6 children.

What ages of children to you accept?

Ages 3-6. I am able to provide individualized support to ensure your child is ready for their next steps, whether that be a Waldorf school, a private, or a public school. We will establish learning goals specific to your child and their next educational program.

What types of food do you serve?

I serve 100% Non-GMO food, with at least 90% organic. I am very picky about what I serve my own family. I use the freshest, seasonal produce I can find. If availability of fresh is scarce then I use frozen organic produce. Our grains and legumes are always organic. It is very important for the health of our bodies and the earth to avoid all harmful chemicals and non-sustainable farming practices, so you can feel assured your child is being fed well. I also avoid using non-stick cookware, opting for stainless steel and cast iron.

My child has food allergies. Is that a problem?

I am well-versed in food allergies and sensitivities. Our kitchen is 100% gluten-free, and I can accommodate most food-allergies. In any case, I am completely willing to work together to ensure your child has nourishing food that is safe. 

Over the years, I have successfully cooked for many children, some with significant food allergies. Together, I am sure we can find options you feel comfortable with.

Is your menu vegetarian or vegan?

Our menu is primarily vegetarian. I am willing to work with you to accommodate your family's food lifestyle. Typically, we use eggs and dairy yogurt in our menu. Occasionally, I will add free-range chicken to the soup. If your family is plant-based, I can accommodate that.

What if my child doesn't nap?

In all of my 27 years of caring for hundreds of children, I have not met a single child who did not benefit from learning to rest the mind and body. They do not have to sleep, but we all rest together, the children in their cozy nap spaces and I in my rocking chair. I first read a story to them and then play my pentatonic harp and sing a lullaby. It is a very peaceful, lovely reprieve in our day. 

Most of my children crave a quiet resting period after lunch. It is a time to quiet the body so their nervous systems can calm, their bodies can properly digest lunch, and their brains can process all of the good work from our morning activities. After rest time, we have an afternoon tea, which is a wonderful way to greet the second half of the day.

May I send food from home instead of your meals and snacks?

I prefer the children have the experience of preparing the food they all eat together. It is amazing what children will try when they are at school when they see their friends eating it as well. 

If you choose to bring your own food, I will inform you of any severe food allergies so you may avoid sending that in case of accidental ingestion by the child with allergies. Also, please do not send anything with added refined sugar, or it will be saved and returned home. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

Yes. Most young children will have occasional accidents, but your child needs to be an independent bathroom user or having very few accidents. The children have access to the bathroom at any time, plus we have scheduled bathroom breaks for the little ones who struggle leaving their play to use the bathroom. We all try to go before going outside and before rest time.

Does my child need to bring supplies?

The only supplies your child will need is a spare set of seasonal clothing (pants/shorts, shirt, 2 pairs of underwear, socks), indoor shoes (non-slip), and waterproof boots to stay at school. 

Please always dress your child for the weather, as we go outside every day that it is 25 degrees or above. I will provide sun hats, mittens, bedding, a stuffed animal at rest time, and rain pants for each child.

May I send milk, juice, or a water bottle with my child?

The children have access to their own special cups to have water anytime. If you would like for your child to have milk at snack and lunch, let me know and I will provide it. Please save juice for home.

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