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More About Ms. Stacie's Education

My background is very diverse, as I was a late bloomer, educationally speaking. It wasn't until I was expecting my first child at age 23 that I braved my first college experience at Pikes Peak Community College (now known as Pikes Peak State College. High school had been a difficult life experience for me, and I did not have encouragement or support to invest in my education.

When I started college, I fell in love with learning in a way I'd never experienced before. Each new class led me to an undiscovered adventure, making it difficult to choose just one path. As a result, I have more than 250 college credit hours and many additional trainings. The following are some of the subjects I have pursued along my educational journey. Not all resulted in degrees, but much was always learned:

College/University Education

  1. Computer Information Systems

  2. Humanities

  3. Chemistry (Associates of Science earned through Pikes Peak Community College)

  4. Liberal Arts with Elementary Education focus (Bachelors of Liberal Arts with Elementary Education Licensure, earned through Regis University)

  5. Master in Early Childhood Special Education (37 credit hours completed, but no degree conferred through the University of Missouri)​​

  6. Master program for Holistic Nutrition (17 credit hours, non-degree seeking through Maryland University of Integrated Health)

  7. Master of Arts in Professional Writing (Liberty University )

  8. Doctoral program for Developmental Psychology (In progress through Liberty University, expected graduation summer of 2026)

Certifications of Completion

  1. Early Childhood Teacher Training through Gradalis, a member of  Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America 

  2. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (Early Childhood and Elementary Aged-Children. I have taught these effective strategies to colleagues and parents)

  3. Simplicity Parenting Group Instructor 

  4. Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment for Early Childhood (Trained by the creator of this standardized, developmentally appropriate assessment instrument, Toni Lindor, Ed.D.) 

  5. DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills)

  6. Teaching Strategies GOLD Early Childhood Assessment Systems

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